Our Story

Over 1,000 people die from heatstroke every day. Every one of those death is avoidable. All that is needed is immediate effective treatment. We set out with that as our goal.


This is Matthew Power and Cryogenx team member Levison Wood. This photo was taken in 2014 when they were trekking through Uganda.

Two hours later, Matthew had died of heatstroke.

He passed away because he could not receive the medical help he needed to rapidly reduce his core temperature.

His story inspired us to create our CGX1 technology, the portable body cooling device for heatstroke.

495,000 people die from extreme heat every year. We’re here to change that.

Global impact


Tragically, Matthew Power’s story isn’t unique.

495,000 people die every year from extreme heat, with this predicted to increase by 257% by 2050 [PHE].

By 2030, heat stress will cost the global economy $2.4 trillion a year in lost work and healthcare costs - that’s equivalent to 2.8% of the world's GDP [UN].

This is an inescapably growing issue that demands a rapid, technology-led solution.


The Cryogenx journey has been rapid since our inception in 2019. We have been successful in being awarded two Innovate UK SMART grants which has enabled our unique technology to be developed and refined.

We have completed several pre-clinical evaluations in partnership with three leading UK universities which have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of our innovative body cooling technology. Additionally, we have been funded by and worked in conjunction with the UK military throughout our R&D programme via the MoD's Defence & Security Accelerator (DASA). The technical and real-world data delivered through these activities has supported our regulatory submissions. FDA and UKCA regulatory approvals are due in early 2024.

Looking ahead, we have several exciting key studies about to commence within the Defence, First Responder, Sports and Industrial environments which will further underpin our scientific validation and demonstrate the life-saving capabilities of our CGX1 device.

Cryogenx has attracted pre-seed investment alongside multiple UK & EU grants. If you're interested in learning more about our current seed round, please get in touch.